Data Warehouse Design

Types of Data Warehouse

  • It is a centralized warehouse.
  • It provides decision support service across the enterprise.
  • It offers a unified approach for organizing and representing data.
  • It provides the ability to classify data according to the subject and give access according to those divisions.
  • Data store required when neither Data warehouse nor OLTP systems support organizations reporting needs.
  • The data warehouse is refreshed in real-time.
  • A data mart is a subset of the data warehouse.
  • It specially designed for a particular line of business, such as sales, finance, sales or finance.
  • Data can collect directly from sources.

Star Schema vs. Snowflake Schema


Relationship and Cardinality

Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Model

In summary,

  • Design and develop semantic data models.
  • Design metadata and harmonized code references.
  • Identify business keys and relationships among the tables.
  • Ensure to involve all stakeholders including business users in Data warehouse implementation process.




Data Lover, Inspired Data Engineer

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LiYen Yoong

LiYen Yoong

Data Lover, Inspired Data Engineer

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